Melissa Lock

Melissa Lock

Melissa Lock has been promoted to Human Resources director at Schurz Communications.

She started her career at KWCH in Wichita, KS, in 1995 as a part-time temporary file clerk.  Just as the filing duties were near completion, the accounts payable clerk position became available and Lock was hired.

She was eager for knowledge and worked hard to learn the job functions for several positions, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and the sales assistant and traffic functions.  This earned her a promotion to staff accountant with local HR responsibilities.

In 2006, Schurz Communications, Inc. purchased KWCH.  At that time, there was a need for a full-time Human Resources Manager position.  Lock says she is forever grateful for KWCH’s General Manager, Joan Barrett, who pushed her outside her black and white comfort zone of accounting to take on the opportunity.

Schurz Communications, Inc. has provided Lock with a number of  opportunities that have been a blessing to her and to her family.

In January of 2012, she was promoted to Human Resources Business Partner for KWCH and the cable properties, Orbitel, Antietam, and Advanced Cable.

Now, she has received another opportunity as the Human Resources Director.  She is  responsible for managing and directing the implementation of Schurz’s HR strategy, policies and programs.

That temp job Lock took in 1995 worked out for her.  She worked hard and stayed eager to learn.  She completed her associate’s degree from Butler County Community College, earned her Professional in Human Resources Certificate, and has nearly completed her Compensation Professional Certification requirements all within the last six years.

“ Each of these accomplishments were my decision to complete,” Lock commented. “ No one asked me to complete any of them.  I stay eager for knowledge.  My advice is if you want training and development, you should seek it out.   Find opportunities to grow.  Make it happen.  The skills and knowledge you currently have got you to where you are, but will they get you to where you want to go?”

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