Our company is known for patient capital and for helping entrepreneurs realize their aspirations. We strive to bring more to the investment than just money, such as human, intellectual and social capital. We also want to receive more than just a financial return on the investment, including learning new insights into consumers and communities.

Todd Schurz

CEO, Schurz Communications

Investment Portfolio

Investment History

Two entrepreneurs and brothers-in-law, Alfred B. Miller and Elmer Crockett, founded the South Bend (Indiana) Tribune in 1872. The two had worked for another newspaper and believed the growing community could support a third newspaper.

The company launched WGAZ radio (now WSBT-AM) in 1922 – just 18 months after the first station in the United States. WSBT Television began broadcasting in 1952 and is the oldest continuously operating UHF television station in the United States. In 2016, one of our broadband companies, Antietam Broadband, announced plans to build a one-gigabit fiber network in Hagerstown, Maryland – the first privately funded gigabit city in the state to spur economic development.

We have innovated and partnered with entrepreneurs in all of our industries for decades.

Investment Guidelines
An attractive investment target for the enterprise needs to have several characteristics; these should be considered guidelines rather than hard and fast rules.
  • The company should be in a relatively early stage, but should be generating revenues or well on the path toward validation (i.e. growing customer base).
  • A prospective company’s solution should have the ability to achieve scale of some sort (e.g. customers, data, and/or users).
  • The firm we are investing in should have a talented management team and/or intellectual property.
  • The company needs to provide a product or service that solves a problem for customers. We need to be able to easily understand what the company is trying to do.
  • We like well-defined, defensible niche businesses.
  • We like recurring revenue.
  • SCI would prefer not to lead the round and let other investors set the valuation and terms.
Where We Focus
We are always looking to grow in our existing industries: publishing, cable and broadband operations, and digital media (with a focus on mobile, video, and social media).

We are also looking at new industries to enter, such as marketing, education, and human resources services. If we can add more value to your organization than just financial capital, let’s talk.

How to Reach Us

If you think we can help each other, we would love to talk. The best person to start with is Chris Dautel, our Director of Strategic Planning and Corporate Development. His e-mail is [email protected]. Or you can call our general number 574-247-7237 and ask for him.


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