The Schurz Mission, Vision and Values calls us to be good stewards in the communities we serve and beyond.

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In 2021, Schurz formed a Sustainability Committee with the intent to further our ESG efforts. The Committee has had close to 20 members vested in positively impacting our stakeholders and the communities around us. Among other actions, the Committee reviewed partner options and engaged Siemens to review and validate our energy consumption, carbon emissions, help set our baselines, look at benchmarks, and set realistic carbon footprint reduction goals. After reviewing our data, senior leaders, the Schurz Board, and the Committee set a goal to reduce our carbon footprint by 50% by 2030. While we aspire to be net zero longer-term, we have set our eyes on 2030 as the near-term goal.


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The Company is next generation focused.

Our Sustainability Plans highlight a focus on building and operational efficiencies. Each site plan feeds into a common Schurz framework. Among other things, we source renewables where available to support our goals, including researching and conducting feasibility studies for solar installation where viable. We evaluate partnerships that can increase our adoption of EV, Hybrid, and low emission vehicles. In short, our strategic initiatives take into consideration energy assets and supply source alternatives. It also fits with the Schurz mission, vision, and values to be good stewards in the communities we serve and beyond.

Fiber optics will serve as a transformative force with our efforts. With a theoretical capacity surpassing 1 Petabit per second, fiber outshines RF, which stands at approximately 30 Gigabit per second. This not only extends the life expectancy of installed materials compared to copper but also allows for longer distances with reduced electronic dependency. Fiber proves to be a progressive enhancement over RF in the pursuit of our environmental goals.

Sustainability and ESG underpins the development of new business models and products (or services and product / service combinations) that embody our environmental strategy. Schurz understands and values environmental transparency and stewardship. Sustainability and ESG involves many participants, inside and outside our organization — from suppliers through to regulators and community groups. This “ecosystem” is dynamic and changes over time and is being proactively managed with the help of well-known and respected partners.

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